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"For my new Academy I have chosen SAMA QuikFlex MMA Mats and MMA Wall Pads. I chose SAMA because I wanted to build an academy that would raise the standard in the UK and I wanted the best mats to support my training and my students training. The people at SAMA are really professional, they came to my facility and took all the measurements to make sure everything would look great and their products are better than what else is out there. I would definitely recommend SAMA Mats."

Roger Gracie, London UK

"I have selected SAMA QuikFlex Mats for my new BJJ Academy in Toronto. I wanted the highest quality finish and a more durable foam which they were able to supply. The mats were custom ordered with higher density foam and more durable vinyl and with a proper tatami finish. To save me time their Account Manager visited my location and measured up the area, and they responded quickly to all my questions and requests. I would rate the quality of their work and products as 10 out of 10."

Fernando Zulick, Toronto

"I was looking to open a new facility and was referred to SAMA by a friend. After talking with Evan I could easily see why my friend had chosen to work with them. They clearly understood the needs of our sports and the ideas I had for my new academy, they offered me a range of solutions and layouts and worked with me to choose the one that was best for us. Their local Account Manager visited my academy to measure the floor and wall areas, which ensured that everything fit together perfectly. I chose SAMA Pro Grappling Mats and MMA Wall Pads for my club, and I would also rate their customer service and products as 10 out of 10."

Fabio Holanda, Montreal

"When I went to upgrade the mats at the Titan Fighter Mixed Martial Arts Academy I was looking to invest in something that could stand up to the intensity of the training at my gym as well as the calibre and performance of the fighters that train there. I chose to work with SAMA because they were able to supply me with a professional grade MMA Mat that offered maximum protection as well as maximum durability."

Mickey Papas, London UK

"When I first saw SAMA's QuikFlex Mats I knew they were exactly what I wanted for my new martial arts academy – no seams, quick and easy to install and way higher quality than wrestling mats. When I was referred to SAMA I also found them very easy to deal with, they came to my location to take the measurements, they did the layouts for me, and they gave me clear advice on what would work well and look the best in my club. If you want the best products and great customer service to match then definitely give SAMA Mats a call."

Justin Bruckmann, Toronto

"I selected SAMA Mats when outfitting our MMA Gym. I decided upon their Pro MMA Mats because they suited the high demand of our gym, but also because SAMA Mats provide much value added service. They provided us with multiple layouts of the matting system and worked with us to arrange the layout to our liking. When it was time to install the mats, we received plenty of technical assistance and regular clear advice. I am very pleased with the finish of our new MMA Mats and urge others to work with SAMA Mats when outfitting their school."

David Lea, No-Gi Black Belt under Chris Brennan

"We have worked with the major Tatami Mat suppliers in the US, but we recently made the switch to SAMA Mats based here in Canada. They were much more helpful and understanding of our plans and needs in building a new location in North Vancouver. Their attention to detail and their consistent high level assistance has saved us money and time in setting up the new location. The finished outfitting of our MMA Gym is outstanding, and we are very pleased with the quality of the SAMA Pro MMA Mats and SAMA Wall Pads."

Shane Rice, BJJ Black Belt under Rickson Gracie





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